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Weekly Mowing

Our lawn care services include mowing the entire yard, line trimming around all trees, fences and post, edging with a blade edger and cleaning up all clippings. Don’t let chores consume your weekends! Whether it’s a baseball game, hanging out with the family, or a weekend barbecue, there are 1000’s of things you’d rather be doing on the weekend than yard work. That’s why we’re here! The quicker you call us the quicker you can get back to all of your weekend activities!

Weekly mowing
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While consistent watering and fertilization are important for sustaining a healthy lawn, grass also needs plenty of air pockets in order to breathe and absorb water and nutrients. Over time, regular traffic, play, and sports activities can cause soil compaction, limiting the amount of water, air, and nutrients that reach the grass roots. In the core aeration process, our machine removes soil cores to reduce compaction so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can more easily penetrate the soil.The process of aeration is perforating your lawn with small holes to allow nutrients, water, and air to reach the roots of your grass.

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Grass, like any other living organism, needs nutrients in order to grow. Most soils lack all of the nutrients necessary for a lawn to be thick and healthy. Annual aeration and lawn treatments from Lawn Plus promote a greener turf in the following ways: Your lawn needs sustenance; a regular diet of high-quality nutrients. Healthy lawns need less hydration, resist molds and fungus, and recover from pest damage better.

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Spring & Fall Clean Ups

Left-over leaves kill your grass. They prevent water, nutrients, and sunlight from helping the grass grow, leaving dead spots all over the lawn. As well your lawn and landscape will look beautiful throughout the season without the mess leaves cluttering the view.

Fall clean up
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